Staff Directory

To contact a staff member by phone, please call the office at (714) 663-6298.

Name Title/Position Email Web site
Administrative and Support Staff
Emma Druitt Director of Preschool Programs
Sabrina Bayle TOSA
Stephanie Lee Coach
Susan Lin Nurse
Stephanie Kovats Nurse
Doris Morgan Clerk
Sapna Kukreja Clerk
Savannah Rivera State Preschool Specialist (Spanish)
Aida Chavez State Preschool Specialist (Spanish)
Dominique Curcie State Preschool Specialist (Spanish)
Monica Conde State Preschool Specialist (Spanish)
My Linh Ly State Preschool Specialist (Vietnamese)
Dao Le State Preschool Specialist (Vietnamese)
Steve Erickson Custodian
Susan Cole Secretary
Monica Lucero Teacher at CCFC (Room 19)
Wilhelmina Burghard Teacher at CCFC (Room 105)
Jennifer Clark Teacher at CCCFC (Room 104)
Dawn Loya-Huizar Teacher at CCFC (Room 103)
Rosio Real-Fowles Teacher at CCFC (Room 101)
Yen Martin Teacher at Brookhurst (Room 62)
Ainet Gomez Teacher at Bryant (Room 36)
Jessica Lozano Teacher at Carver Early Childhood Education (Room 1)
Fabiola Carpenter Teacher at Heritage (Room 5)
Blanca Ulloa Teacher at Heritage (Room 6)
Yessica Gandara Teacher at Lawrence (Room 82)
Diana Tran Teacher at Murdy (Room 2)
Lindsey Warchol Teacher at Peters (Room 60)
Patricia Ngo Teacher at Peters (Room 62)
Rebecca Sanchez Teacher at Rosita (Room 32)
Marisol Bedolla Teacher at Russell (Room 44)
Rachel Wislocki Teacher at Skylark State (Room 1)
Nancy Perez Teacher at Skylark State (Room 2)
Krisha Garcia Teacher at Skylark Fee Based (Room 12)
Darci Steck Teacher at Skylark Fee Based (Room 11)
Yanett Gomez Teacher at Skylark Fee Based (Room 13)
Tammy Manzur Teacher at Violette (Room 51)
Tu Lam Teacher at Violette (Room 41)